vecTxtQ, vecTxtB, and vecTxtM and are convenience functions with default quotes that can be useful when working in R Markdown documents.

  delimiter = ", ",
  useQuote = "",
  firstDelimiter = NULL,
  lastDelimiter = " & ",
  firstElements = 0,
  lastElements = 1,
  lastHasPrecedence = TRUE

vecTxtQ(vector, useQuote = "'", ...)

vecTxtB(vector, useQuote = "`", ...)

vecTxtM(vector, useQuote = "$", ...)



The vector to process.

delimiter, firstDelimiter, lastDelimiter

The delimiters to use for respectively the middle, first firstElements, and last lastElements elements.


This character string is pre- and appended to all elements; so use this to quote all elements (useQuote="'"), doublequote all elements (useQuote='"'), or anything else (e.g. useQuote='|'). The only difference between vecTxt and vecTxtQ is that the latter by default quotes the elements.

firstElements, lastElements

The number of elements for which to use the first respective last delimiters


If the vector is very short, it's possible that the sum of firstElements and lastElements is larger than the vector length. In that case, downwardly adjust the number of elements to separate with the first delimiter (TRUE) or the number of elements to separate with the last delimiter (FALSE)?


Any addition arguments to vecTxtQ are passed on to vecTxt.


A character vector of length 1.


#> [1] "'mpg', 'cyl', 'disp', 'hp', 'drat', 'wt', 'qsec', 'vs', 'am', 'gear' & 'carb'"